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Swiss Polychrome Enamel Singing Bird Box Automaton

This enchanting Swiss singing bird automaton is a delight for the senses. A colorful bird emerges from the box to sing a delightful tune with the flip of a switch. Fashioned with real feathers, the charming figure moves its wings, beak, and tail feathers. The bird sits perched atop a gilt filigree platform and performs its song against an enameled backdrop of vibrant blue with pink roses that adorn the inside of the oval lid. On the outside, the cover features a colorful hand-painted polychrome enamel scene of an Alpine landscape. The automaton resides in a gilt bronze step case which cleverly hinges upwards to reveal a hidden compartment beneath. Acanthus leaf decorations and beaded borders add the perfect finishing touch.

Singing bird boxes were among the most challenging automata to execute in their day. An intricate system of cams, levers, and sliding whistles must be masterfully handcrafted into a compact space to bring this beautiful automaton to life. Today, bird boxes are some of the most collectible automata pieces, prized for their fine artistry and advanced mechanical skill.

A spring-wound clockwork mechanism drives this delightful automation which bears a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

2″ High x 4.75″ Wide

Circa 1915


SKU: JAUC 344 P $5,400
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  • Swiss
  • Singing Bird Box Automaton
  • Gilt Bronze & Polychrome Enamel Case
  • Hidden Hinged Key Compartment In Base
  • Moving Wings, Beak, & Tail
  • 2″ High x 4.75″ Wide
  • Circa 1915