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Swiss Singing Bird Automaton in Tortoise Shell Box

This charming Swiss singing bird automaton comes housed in a beautiful tortoise shell box. Flip the switch on the front of the box and a colorful little bird, with real feathers, pops out of an engraved gilt brass cover. The bird also perches atop a gilt filigree platform. Nineteenth century London luxury goods retailer, Finnigans Bond St W, marketed this wonderful automaton.

The bird moves its wings, head, beak and tail feathers while singing a delightful tune. A spring wound clockwork mechanism drives the automation. Additionally, a series of cams, levers, wires and slide whistles govern the music. This singing bird box comes with a one year warranty.

Circa 1875


SKU: SDEL BB1 $5,300
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  • Swiss

  • Singing Bird Automaton
  • Marketed by Finnigans, London
  • Tortoise Shell Case
  • Engraved and Filigree Gilt Brass
  • Bird has Real Feathers
  • Spring Wound Clockwork Mechanism
  • One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1875