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Victorian Bloodstone and Carnelian Watch Fob

Originally worn to accompany lavish timepieces during the height of pocket watch fashion, fobs survive as testaments to the amazing craftsmanship and style of eras past.

These marvelous antique accessories make the perfect pendant or charm to wear today. Or worn as originally indeed – attached to your favorite watch!

This 18K yellow gold Victorian-era watch fob features a double-sided swivel design. A polished piece of round carnelian graces one side while a rich bloodstone adorns on the other. Engraved onto the bottom of the fob are the initials ā€œC S,ā€ a lovely historical momento of the original wearer.

This charming fob bears English markings.

Circa 1890

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  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Swivel Design Watch Fob
  • Carnelion And Bloodstone
  • Initials Engraved ā€œC Sā€
  • English Markings
  • Circa 1890