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Victorian Floral Scrollwork Lavalier Necklace

This enchanting lavalier is a true treasure from the Victorian era. Dating to the 1890s, this captivating necklace showcases intricate design and timeless elegance.

Crafted in warm 14K yellow gold, 171 freshwater seed pearls adorn the necklace. Each pearl is intricately arranged to form an enchanting floral pattern gracefully woven together to taper into a flattering silhouette.

This lovely lavalier necklace is a testament to the luxury of the late 1800s, capturing the romanticism and fine detail the Victorian era is so known for. Beautifully combining unique charm with elegant style, this beautiful necklace is a piece of antique jewelry history that is sure to be a treasure in any collection for years to come.

This enchanting necklace features a spring ring clasp closure and measures 19″ in length.

Circa 1890


SKU: JPCL 1268 $2,575
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  • Victorian
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Floral Scrollwork Lavalier Necklace
  • 171 Freshwater Seed Pearls
  • Spring Clasp Closure
  • 19″ Length