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Violano Virtuoso by Mills Novelty Company

Designated by the U.S. Government as One of the “Eight Greatest Inventions of the Decade” (1910-1920), the Violano Virtuoso artfully blends music with technology.

The maker, Mills Novelty Company of Chicago Ill., became best known for manufacturing coin-operated machines, including slot machines, vending machines and jukeboxes. Between 1905 and 1930, their products also included the Violano Virtuoso.

This marvelous music machine, housed in a mahogany cabinet, features both a violin and a keyboard-less piano. They play simultaneously and automatically. An electric motor and electromagnets power the instruments. The Violano uses perforated paper rolls to play songs, much like a player piano. It uses a coin-op slot to operate.

This particular model also incorporates a “Midi System” that interfaces with the original mechanisms. It permits a large program of music to be played via wifi from your mobile device.

This Violano has undergone full restoration and comes with a one year warranty.

64 1/4″ high x 43″ wide x 31″ deep


Circa 1920

SKU: RWBR 1 P $69,000
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  • American

  • Mills Novelty Company
  • Violano Virtuoso
  • Mahogany Cabinet
  • Coin Operated
  • Mechanically Plays Piano and Violin
  • Midi System Allows Computer Interface
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • 64 1/2″ H x 43″ W x 31″ D
  • Circa 1920