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14K Yellow Gold Carnelian Intaglio Watch Fob

Pocket and pendant watches reflected a certain high fashion style in the late 19th and early 20th century. Consequently, the watch chain became a necessary accessory. A fancy watch fob attached to the chain completed the sophisticated look. Precious metals and gemstones typically comprised a fob.

This beautifully designed 14K yellow gold watch fob dates back to the late Victorian era.  A deep reddish purple carnelian stone displays a carved intaglio of a woman’s profile. The intaglio sets in a  scroll and floral framework crafted on the underside with a finely engraved rim surrounding the carnelian. Finally, a ring attaches to the fob thus allowing it to be worn as a pendant.

Circa 1890









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  • 14K Yellow Gold

  • Watch Fob
  • Carnelian Intaglio
  • Circa 1890