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American 12-1/4″ Regina Disc Music Box

This lovely music box was crafted by the Regina Music Box Company, one of the world’s most prestigious music box makers. Known to produce some of the finest and joyful sounding machines, this charming and petite music box is no exception. Playing a 12-1/4″ size disc on a single comb mechanism, the machine produces a bright, vibrant sound. The marvelous serpentine Honduran mahogany case exhibits fine craftsmanship with rich color and elegant lines.

The Regina Music Box Company of Rahway, New Jersey, held international esteem from the 1890s to the advent of the phonograph in the early 20th century. Their vast popularity makes them one of the most desirable music boxes to produce discs for today. With several hundred titles available on new discs and countless antique discs still in circulation, Regina music boxes remain some of the most versatile and desirable music boxes to own today.

Included with this box are 6 antique discs of your choice.

This marvelous music box bears a full restoration and a one-year warranty.

10-1/2″ High x 17″ Wide x 16″ Deep

Serial Number 7200009

Circa 1905



SKU: JEVA 1168 P $3,750
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  • American Disc Music Box
  • Regina Music Box Company
  • Single Comb Musical Movement
  • 10-1/2″ High x 17″ Wide x 16″ Deep
  • Serial Number 7200009
  • 6 Antique Discs Included
  • Over 1,000 New Discs Available For Purchase
  • Fully Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1905