American 6 Bottle Vaseline Glass Caster Set

This unique Victorian-era caster set by the Rockford Silverplate Company of Illinois receives its unique green hue from the presence of uranium. Commonly referred to as “Vaseline glass,” uranium’s presence turns glass from bright yellow to a greenish-yellow. The set resides in an elegant silver-plate frame decorated with engravings of flowers, feathers, and geometric patterns. This unique set features six bottles total; two bottles for salt and pepper, three vials for oils and vinegar, and a small pot for dried mustard powder.

Caster sets were most fashionable in the 1800s and present on every Victorian dining table as convenient condiment holders. These beautiful dining accessories were crafted in various materials, colors, and styles and used by the most humble to upper-class households. The most desirable and costly sets featured silver-plated frames, such as this eye-catching example. This beautiful and captivating caster set will surely add a touch of unique elegance to any tablescape or bar.

19″ High x 9″ Diameter

Circa 1884

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  • American
  • By The Rockford Silverplate Company Of Rockford, Illinois
  • Vaseline Glass Caster Set
  • Silver Plated Frame
  • 6 Etched Glass Bottles
  • Silverplate Mustard Spoon
  • 19″ High x 9″ Diameter
  • Circa 1884