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American Cane with Sterling Silver Ibis Handle

A delightful American walking cane dating to 1920, a time when walking sticks and canes were very much in vogue as fashion accessories and conveyed social status. A whimsical ibis head crafted in sterling silver serves as the topper for this wonderful cane, and the extended beak cleverly serves as an extended support. The smooth wood shaft with an ebony finish provides a nice contrast to its sterling topper, and a sterling tip completes the elegant and stylish presentation.

This walking cane with its ibis head topper has great appeal among collectors and will serve as a stylish walking aid.

35 1/2″ Height

Circa 1920

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  • American
  • Sterling Silver Ibis Head Handle
  • Wood Shaft With Ebony Finish
  • Sterling Silver Tip
  • 35 1/2″ Height
  • Circa 1920