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American Pickle Castor with Sapphire Blue Jar in Starburst Pattern

Adding to the array of lovely serving pieces for the Victorian table is the pickle castor. A significant embellishment, it was also some what of a status symbol. Pickle castors were rather fancy serve ware filled with varieties of picked vegetables. Their presence on the table spoke to having household staff to prepare the contents. Overall they are genuinely pretty with wonderful artistry, as is the case with this beautiful pickle castor. It has a very desirable sapphire blue jar displaying a starburst pattern. It is fitted in an artfully designed silver plated stand with accompanying tongs and crafted by Monarch Silver Company. While this pickle castor with colored and patterned glass is a specialty for collectors, it is also wonderful to use and enjoy.

11 1/2″H x 4 3/4″W

Circa 1880

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  • American
  • Pickle Castor
  • Sapphire Blue Glass
  • Monarch Silver Plating Company
  • 11 1/2″H x 4 3/4″W
  • Circa 1880