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American Swinging Arm Mystery Clock By Ansonia

The swinging arm mystery clock has long fascinated clockmakers and collectors. This lovely American example by the Ansonia Clock Company of New York dates to the late 1800s and takes on the timeless grace and form of Diana the Huntress. The striking mythological figure stands in a flowing robe and gracefully holds the post from which the pendulum swings. The clock sphere sits atop a 3-rod gridiron pendulum with a spherical bob at the bottom. Applied Arabic numerals and pierced hands display the time, creating a unique clock face.

An 8-day timepiece movement resides inside the sphere, along with the “mystery” of the clock’s movement. A tiny pendulum as part of the movement within the globe operates in counter motion to the large pendulum, creating the mesmerizing illusion that the clock is moving without an apparent driving force.

This enchanting mystery clock bears a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

25″ High x 5″ Wide x 8″ Deep

Circa 1890


SKU: DBEA 1 $2,750
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  • American
  • Swinging Arm Mystery Clock
  • By The Ansonia Clock Company of New York
  • Figure Of Diana The Huntress
  • 8-Day Timepiece Movement
  • 25″ High x 5″ Wide x 8″ Deep
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1890