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American Tap Top Hotel Bell

When you think of an ordinary hotel or desk bell, this ornately designed bell surpasses what you might imagine; a humble accessory raised to an art form.

The bell features a finely cast silver plated base decorated with foliate designs. It has a polished nickel silver dome with a tap top that propels the clapper. At over seven inches tall, this bell exceeds the height of most typical hotel bells.

What a fun and unique way to signal happy hour or call to announce dinner.

7 1/4″ high x 4 1/2″ diameter

Circa 1870

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  • American

  • Tap Top Hotel Bell
  • Silver Plated Base
  • Decorative Engravings
  • Nickel Silver Dome
  • 7 1/4″ H x 4 1/2″ Diameter
  • Circa 1870