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Austrian Musical Painting Clock

Musical painting clocks are a wonderful combination of art, horology, and music. This lovely example begins with a well-executed painting portraying life in a peaceful countryside village. The village is surrounded by mountains and lush landscapes and features a clock in the stone church tower.  The clock displays the time on Roman numerals with spade hands, and a pleasing Bim Bam strike on tuned gongs marks the quarter-hours. The mastery of the mechanics is cleverly concealed behind the canvas in the body of the frame and includes musical accompaniment from a cylinder that plays two tunes and is operated at will. A treasure from the late 1800’s that is altogether decorative, functional, and delightfully engaging.

Image 19″H x 26″W

Frame 25″H x 33″W x 6″D

Circa 1875

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  • Austrian
  • Musical Painting Clock
  • Bim Bam Strike on Tuned Gongs at the Quarter-hours
  • Mechanical Cylinder Plays Two Tunes
  • Gilt Wood Frame
  • Restored, One-year Warranty
  • Image 19″H x 26″W
  • Frame 25″H x 33″W x 6″D
  • Circa 1875