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18th Century Belgian Louis XV Musical Tall Case Clock

This extremely rare Belgian Louis XV musical clock dates to the first half of the 1700s and is a testament to early horological innovation.

The crowning achievement of this clock lies inside, with one of the earliest three-train weight-driven musical movements we have ever encountered. A large pinned cylinder will play a complex tune on nine bells with 27 hammers every half-hour. After each melody, the clock announces the time with Dutch striking, indicating the hour and half-hours on two distinct bells.

The clock’s face features a beautifully detailed brass dial with an engraved pewter chapter ring. Roman numerals and Arabic minute markers display the time with three-dimensional sculpted and blued steel hands. A subsidiary seconds dial below the 12 o’clock position tracks the seconds, while a calendar aperture above the 6 o’clock position displays the numeric day. Finely hand-chased corner spandrels frame the dial with ornate pierced work. At the dial center, an intricate relief engraving of a nobleman hunting a stag in the forest adds unique artistry and serves as a testament to the rich heritage of the era. At the top, an engraved roundel in the arch displays the signature of the clockmaker, Paul Conrad A Leige.

Crafted of warm, rich oak, the hand-carved bombé base case displays subtle flourishes of the Louis XV period. Graceful acanthus leaves decorate the clock in an arch above the dial, while a delicate scalloped edge accentuates the bonnet. Further down the case, winding vines, shells, and scrollwork adorn the base and door, displaying hints of the Rococo movement.

This extraordinary Belgian clock marries horological innovation and musical complexity into a historical masterpiece. Pieces of this caliber give us the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy the craftsmanship of a world long past in our home today.

This wonderful clock bears a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

This piece survives with an original ecclesiastical figure topper, pictured in the last photo.

96″ High x 28-1/2″ Wide x 16″ Deep

120” High with figural topper

Circa 1740

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  • Belgian Musical Tall Case Clock
  • Hand Carved Oak Case
  • Signed Paul Conrad A Leiege
  • 8-Day 3-Train Weight-Driven Musical Movement
  • Large Pinned Cylinder Musical Movement Playing A Complex Tune Every Half-Hour On 9 Bells With 27 Hammers
  • Dutch Striking At The Half-Hours On Two Distinct Bells
  • 96″ High x 28-1/2″ Wide x 16″ Deep
  • With Figural Topper: 120″ High
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1740