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Chinese Hand Carved Wall or Table Top Mirror Cabinet

Wonderful carvings of wood and bone are the highlight of this Chinese cabinet.  The wood features scrolling carvings of dragons and botanicals throughout.  The mirror is flanked by a cabinet on either side, and one side also has a drawer.  Further, detailed 3 dimensional bone carvings accent the cabinets.  And, finally, it has the versatility for being mounted on a wall, or being placed on a suitable surface.

27″H x 38″W x 10″D

Circa 1925

Original Price: $1,450 

Sale Price: $1,160 

Final Close Out Sale Price: $942

SKU: RSAG 138 P Inquire
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  • Chinese
  • Mirror Cabinet
  • Wood with Elaborate Carvings
  • 3 Dimensional Bone Carvings
  • 27″H x 38″W x 10″D
  • Circa 1925