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Chinese Monumental Red Wooden Vase

A fabulous Chinese vase in original red paint and artfully crafted in an unusual heart shape. The back and front each depict sceneries with applied hand-carved bone figures and landscape details.  Beautifully hand-painted birds, dragons, and florals decorate this exquisite piece’s base, throat, and sides. Further, the throat of the vase is fitted with ring handles and depicts a Chinese symbol of five blessings.  A wonderful piece with striking visual appeal.

48″H x 29″W x 10″D

Circa 1910



SKU: RSAG 229 P $2,150
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  • Chinese
  • Monumental Wooden Vase
  • Original Red Paint
  • Applied Bone Hand Carvings
  • Hand Painted Details
  • 48″H x 29″W x 10″D
  • Circa 1910