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English 18K Gold Fusee Pocket Watch by John Moncas

Although no verifiable provenance exists at this time, this handsome pocket watch may have great historical as well as greater monetary value. An engraved presentation message on the inside cover, or cuvette, reads “To Miss Mary Todd  A Token of My Everlasting Devotion and Affection  Abe Lincoln”.

Made in England by John Moncas of Liverpool, this 18K gold fusee pocket watch has an engraved tricolor gold dial.

The chain fusee movement has a key wind and key set function. A fully wound watch will typically run for 24-30 hours.

The watch comes with a one-year warranty.

47 mm Case

Serial # 9738

Circa 1845

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  • English
  • Tri-Color Gold Pocket Watch
  • By John Moncas of Liverpool
  • Potential Historical Significance
  • Engraved to Mary Todd from Abe Lincoln
  • 47mm
  • Serial # 9738
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1845