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18th Century English Barrel Organ

A fabulous example of early musical automata, this English barrel organ dates back to the 1780s. Featuring fourteen flute pipes, the instrument plays a total of ten tunes, controlled by the levers on the right side of the case. This exceptional organ resides in a dramatic gothic mahogany case with decorative exposed brass pipes carved into the front.

Barrel organs receive their name from the pined barrel mechanism used in this machine. When turned using the hand crank design, the barrel simultaneously controls the bellows and raises levers to allow air to the flutes. The result is a full and melodious sound.

This marvelous musical machine was restored by the renowned author and automated musical instrument specialist Arthur Ord-Hume.

20″ High x 16″ Wide x 9″Deep

Circa 1786


SKU: GBET 4 P $3,450
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  • English
  • Barrel Organ
  • Gothic Mahogany Case
  • 14 Flute Pipes Playing 10 Tunes
  • 20″ High x 16″ Wide x 9″Deep
  • Restored By Arthur Ord-Hume
  • Circa 1786