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English Congreve Rolling Ball Clock

This hypnotizing Congreve rolling ball clock is truly a work of mechanical genius. Based on the design of famed English inventor Sir William Congreve in 1808, the rolling ball clock is a unique concept in executing a clock without a pendulum. In the pendulum’s place is a platform that utilizes the force of gravity as a timekeeping regulator. On the platform, a small metal ball zig-zags across a track, counting out the seconds in 15-second intervals. When the metal ball reaches the end of the platform, it trips an escapement prompting the seconds dial to advance and the platform to tilt in the opposite direction. A revolving cylinder displays the seconds above the platform, turning to show the next 15-second interval after each platform tilt. Three silvered dials indicate the time across the top of the case pediment. The dials display hours, minutes, and seconds from left to right.

This horological work of art resides in a skeletonized brass architectural case with four tapered columns supporting the pediment top frame. The clock runs on an 8-day fusee-driven timepiece movement.

Andrew Fell crafted this astounding clock for the famed Dent of London. The House of Dent remains one of the most respected English clock and watchmakers to this day. The firm is known for building the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament in England, known as “Big Ben.”

This clock is #141 in a limited edition of 150.

17.5″ High x 19″ Wide x 14.5″ Deep

Circa 1973



SKU: JMOR 1026 P $13,500
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  • English
  • Congreve Rolling Ball Clock
  • By Andrew Fell For Dent of London
  • 8 Day Fusee Driven Timepiece Movement
  • Limited Edition #141 of 150
  • 17.5″ High x 19″ Wide x 14.5″ Deep
  • Circa 1973