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English Mahogany and Brass Telescope by Dolland of London

Dating to the late 1800s, this English mahogany telescope is a beautiful piece of antique technology. The signature for Dolland London, a renowned manufacturer of optical instruments in the 19th century, appears around the lens of this astounding instrument. Surviving with its original case and three original eyepieces, this piece is a stunning example of the craftsmanship and advancement of the era.

This impressive telescope measures 43″ to 57″ long at full focal extension and tapers from 3-1/4″ to 2-1/4″ in width. The instrument’s three eyepieces allow for a range of magnification options, making it best used for viewing distance and most suitable as a nautical and birding scope. The tripod base is made of brass and has been polished to a high shine, complementing the deep color of the mahogany telescope in dramatic contrast.

This superb antique instrument is a noteworthy piece for any collector of antique technology or a striking decorative piece of history that will captivate.

The telescope survives with an original fitted case designed to securely hold the telescope and its three original eyepieces, ensuring its protection during transport or storage.

22-1/2″ High x 43-57″ Length


Circa 1880

SKU: ANTI 12 P $3,950
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  • English
  • By Dolland of London
  • Mahogany Tube
  • Brass Fixtures and Tripod
  • Original Carrying Case
  • 3 Original Opic Lenses
  • 22-1/2″ High x 43-57″ Length
  • Circa 1880