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English Monumental Act of Parliament Wall Clock

This remarkable “Act of Parliament” wall clock comes from the early to mid 1800’s.  It measures an impressive 7 feet 6 inches tall!  The “story” behind such clocks stems from a 5 shilling tax imposed on clocks by Britain’s Prime Minister in 1797.   This form of luxury tax was intended to add funding for their war with France.  It resulted in owners hiding their timepieces and difficulty in knowing the time of day.  Tavern owners and inn owners, however, used the situation to their advantage.  They hung sizable clocks prominently to aid the public and draw customers as a result.  Though the unpopular tax lasted only 9 months, it had quite a negative effect on clock ownership and the clock making business overall.

The monumental size of this particular “Act of Parliament” wall clock indicates that it hung in a fairly sizable and prominent establishment.  It certainly makes a statement with its beautifully Japanned case.  The large octagonal dial boasts applied Roman numerals of gilt wood and pierced scroll and pointer hands.  Within the trunk is a door that opens to the pendulum and 2 weights driving the 8-day mechanics and bell strike at the hour.

A wonderful clock with a great story, and a one year warranty.

90″ High x 39″ Wide

Circa 1825

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  • English
  • “Act of Parliament” Wall Clock
  • Japanned Case
  • 2 Weight, 8 Day Movement
  • Bell Strike at the Hour
  • 90″ Height x 39″ Wide, Trunk 18″ Wide
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1825