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English Music Box Bracket Clock by Losada

A beautiful blending of clock and music box. This momentous bracket clock crafted by J.R. Losada of London dates back to the late 19th century. The clock face features a 11″ engraved and silvered dial beautifully on display in an elegantly carved Brazilian Rosewood case. Encased within the clock is an 11′ cylinder music box movement playing 6 tunes. An unusual quarter chiming movement powers the clock, triggering a melody to play at the strike of each hour.

SKU: MTEP 6 P $36,500 $22,500 Inquire
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  • English

  • By J.R. Losada of London
  • 11″ 6 tune cylinder movement
  • Restored 1 year warranty
  • Circa 1880