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English Scroll And Ivy Form Skeleton Clock

This Victorian-era skeleton clock is a true mechanical spectacle. Crafted from polished brass, this exceptional clock showcases a beautiful scroll and ivy design gracefully blending horological skill and artistry. An impressive oversized pierced and engraved dial rests at the clock’s center, displaying the time on elegant Roman numerals. Powering this piece is an 8-day chain-driven fusee movement, with a hammer to strike a bell on the hour and half hour. The clock rests on a rich velvet-lined marble base under a glass dome.

Skeleton clocks have long been prized by collectors, enthusiasts, and clockmakers alike. The mesmerizing exhibition of gears and moving parts masterfully showcase the beauty and complexity of clockmaking. Although originally popularized in France in the late 18th century, England was home to some of the most premier makers of skeleton clocks, producing some of the finest examples on the market. This wonderful example is no exception.

This clock bears a full restoration and a one-year warranty.

21″High x 15″ Wide x 9″ Deep

Circa 1885


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  • English
  • Scroll And Ivy Form Skeleton Clock
  • 8-Day Chain-Driven Fusee Movement
  • Hour And Half Hour Bell Strike
  • 21″High x 15″ Wide x 9″ Deep
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1885