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English Stick Barometer

This classic English stick or ships barometer features an engraved barometer dial and ivory thermometer scale. Both Farenheit and Centigrade are represented. Having glass and brass housings and fittings, including a gimballed mount. The instrument is affixed to a later mahogany backboard trimmed with a moulded edge.

38″H x 4″W x 4 1/2″D

Circa 1910


SKU: BST 24 P $2,150
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  • English
  • Stick or Ships Barometer
  • Engraved Scales
  • Glass and Brass Housings and Fittings
  • Gimballed Mount
  • Later Mahogany Backboard
  • 38″H x 4″W x 4 1/2″D
  • Circa 1910