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European Carved Wood Santos with Polychrome Finish

This exquisite Santos sculpture is a magnificent example of European religious art from the early 20th century. Hand-carved from wood and finished with polychrome paint over a gesso binder, the statue depicts a religious figure with lovely detail and realism.

The androgynous figure stands tall and serene atop a cloud, outfitted in beautifully embossed armor and sandals, with a spear in hand. A cloth is draped elaborately across their shoulders, billowing down to their feet in dramatic detail. The polychrome finish adds depth and richness to the sculpture, with subtle variations of color that create a sense of depth and dimensionality.

Dating to the 1920s, this Santos sculpture is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of European artisans. This excellent rendering would make a stunning addition to any collection of religious art or a beautiful and unique accent piece.

46″ High x 13″ Wide x 8″ Deep

Circa 1920

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  • European
  • Wood Carving
  • Polychrome Finish Over Gesso Binder
  • 46″ High x 13″ Wide x 8″ Deep
  • Circa 1920