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French Allegorical “Love Conquers Time” Garniture Clock Set

Cupid and Chronos are the personifications of Love and Time, locked in a tireless struggle as the enduring fable of “Love conquers Time” plays out in this astounding sculptural clock.

In a depiction most unusual, this rare allegorical clock showcases the timeless tale in a new light. This story is typically presented with Love in the superior position to time. Thus- “Love conquers Time.” Here Chronos, scythe in hand and poised for action, stands in a deceptively superior position to Love. Cupid, as Love, lies seemingly vulnerable below Chronos. Leading us to believe that, perhaps, Time has won. However, a close examination reveals that Chronos’ broken scythe lays in the foreground, rendering his attack futile. Once again, Love conquers Time.

This wonderful garniture clock houses a fully restored 8-day movement that strikes a bell every half hour. Furthermore, the mechanism retains the original French anchor escapement and silk thread suspension. Cupid indicates the time to us by pointing to a silvered dial visible in a rectangular aperture.

Two compote side pieces garnish the incredible centerpiece.

This clock bears a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

25″ High x 17″ Wide x 8″ Deep

Circa 1840

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  • French
  • Patinated And Natural Bronze
  • Allegorical Sculptural Depiction of Love Conquers Time
  • Original French Anchor Escapement And Silk Thread Suspension
  • 8-day Movement With Half Hour Bell Strike
  • Fully Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • 25″ High x 17″ Wide x 8″ Deep
  • Circa 1840