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French Arch Top Crystal Regulator

This exquisite French crystal regulator embodies the enchanting craftsmanship of the Victorian era. The clock resides in an unusual arch-top cast brass case with beveled glass sides and back door. The facia of the clock features a drape form grillwork over engraved brass panels with moire pattern medallions at the lower corners. The incredible metalwork frames an oval hand-painted porcelain portrait of a young beauty outfitted in an elegant Victorian dress and extravagant hat. A convex hand-painted porcelain dial displays the time upon Arabic numerals with pierced hands.

Powering the clock is an 8-day movement that strikes the hour and half-hour on a tuned gong,

This enchanting clock is restored with one year warranty

17-1/2″ High x 7″ Wide x 4-1/2″ Deep

Circa 1885

SKU: JROS 2267 $6,750 Inquire
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  • French
  • Cast Brass Case With Drape Form Grillwork
  • Hand-Painted Porcelain Portrait
  • 8-day Movement Hour And Half-Hour Gong Strike
  • 17-1/2″ High x 7″ Wide x 4-1/2″ Deep
  • Restored One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1885