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French Automaton Clock with Animated Birds

A delightful French singing bird automaton timepiece.  Adorned with realistic flora, specifically morning glories and nasturtium, intertwined about a tree trunk.  The bird atop the tree chirps, while a humming bird zips from branch to branch in the middle, and a bird dips to drink from a waterfall below.  A rotating glass rod cleverly simulates falling water.  Two bright monarch butterflies are also part of the fauna.  Fitted into an ’embankment’ is the gilt 8-day time only clock with a porcelain dial and Roman numerals.  Additionally, the musical components reside in the base.

These animated timepieces are typically attributed to the Bontems family of Paris.  Overall a wonderful combination of time keeping, decor, and entertainment.

23″H x 18″W x 10″D

Circa 1880


SKU: AELS 15 $4,750
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  • French
  • Automaton Clock
  • Animated Birds
  • 8 Day Time Only Clock
  • Porcelain Dial
  • Musical
  • 23″H x 18″W x 10″D  Overall
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1880