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French Bronze Sculpture of a Boy and his Dog

This patinated bronze sculpture wonderfully portrays the friendship between a boy and his dog.  Depicting the boy striding with bone in hand while his devoted pup eagerly runs alongside.  With beautiful detail of movement to the figures and seen in the boy’s clothing.  Most likely after the famous French sculptor Auguste Moreau (1834-1917).  The base is signed indistinctly and bears a foundry mark of Paris, France.  It is a sizeable sculpture at 26″ tall and is mounted on a marble base.

26″H x 13″W

Circa 1890

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  • French
  • Bronze Figural Sculpture
  • Most likely after Auguste Moreau (French, 1834-1917)
  • Foundry stamp indicating Paris, France
  • 26″H x 13″ W
  • Circa 1890