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French Bronze Sculpture “La Source” by Mathurin Moreau

Crafted by notable French sculpture Mathurin Moreau, this elegant bronze sculpture dates back to the late 19th century. Entitled “La Source” (The Spring), the piece depicts a young girl sipping water from a shell. Moreau gracefully executes the fine sculptural details. The young girl’s dress and hair drape and flow naturally. The sculpture rests on a bronze base and exhibits a warm red-toned patina.

Mathurin Moreau lived from 1822-1912 and was a part of the notable Moreau family of French sculptors. Among which was his father, well known French sculptor Jean Baptiste, and brothers, Hippolyte Fran├žois, and Auguste. Moreau won awards for his skill in the arts, such as the Grand Prix de Rome, and many of his other works remain on display in France to this day.

Signed Math Moreau

29″High x 12″Diameter

Circa 1880


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  • French
  • Bronze Sculpture
  • Signed “Math Moreau”
  • Sculptor Mathurin Moreau 1822-1912
  • 29″ High x 12″ Diameter
  • Circa 1880