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French Rare Conical Pendulum Mystery Clock

French rare conical pendulum mystery clock in gilt bronze and rouge marble by Bernoux of Paris.  The marble and ormolu base surmounted by a two tone patinated bronze figure of the Weaver spinning yarn, signed Auguste Nadaud,  The skein of yarn rotating in a circle and serving as the pendulum. The clock flanked by matching candlesticks.  8 day movement with hour and half hour strike on a bell and a unique pinwheel detent escapement designed specifically for this clock. The concave marble dial set with bronze Roman numerals with skeletonized center displaying the action of the escapement.

The Weaver is one of the rarest forms of conical pendulum mystery clocks and this stunning example will be an important addition to any collection of rare clocks or fine art.

Restored with one year warranty

Clock: 23.5″H X 13″W X 7″D
Candelabra: 26″H X 7″W X 4”D
Circa 1875
SKU: BSCH35 $28,500 Inquire
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  • French

  • Rare
  • Conical Pendulum
  • Mystery Clock
  • Bernoux of Paris
  • Signed by Auguste Nadaud
  • 8 Day Movement
  • Roman Numerals
  • Skeletonized
  • C.1875