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French Swinging Arm Mystery Clock

The timeless grace and beauty of the figural swinging arm clock.  This lovely French example dating to the late 1800’s is everything it should be.  The standing figure of a French maiden with flowing robe gracefully holds the post from which the pendulum swings.  The deep olive green sphere sits atop a 3-rod gridiron pendulum with spherical bob of the same deep olive at the bottom.  The sphere has gilt crest and shoulder supports, and also has applied gilt Roman numerals and gilt pierced hands.  Housed within the sphere is the 8-day time only movement.  The secret to the “mystery” of the pendulum’s movement?  There is a very small pendulum as part of the movement within the sphere which operates in counter motion to the large pendulum.

The statue is spelter and beautifully finished with bronze.  Further the base is clearly signed “Causse.”

41″H x 10″W x 13″D; Sphere 6″D

Circa 1885

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  • French
  • Swinging Arm Mystery Clock
  • Spelter with Bronze Finish
  • Statue Signed Causse
  • 41″H x 10″W x 13″D; Sphere 6″D
  • One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1885