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German Figural Swinging Arm Mystery Clock by Junghans

The intrigue of the figural swinging arm clock…  A wonderful example of the mystery clock crafted by renowned German clock maker Junghans.  A standing figure of Juno with flowing robe gracefully holds the post from which the pendulum swings.  The round clock sits atop a 3-rod pendulum with spherical bob.  The clock has a gilt crest and shoulder supports, and features a white porcelain dial with crisp Arabic numerals.  The clock dial bears the Junghans star logo.  Within the clock is an 8-day time only mechanical movement.  The lovely statue is spelter and has a two-toned gilt and bronze patinated finish.  The secret to the “mystery” of the pendulum’s movement?  There is a very small pendulum as part of the clock movement which operates in counter motion to the large pendulum. 

This wonderful clock has also been fully restored and comes with a one year warranty.

14″H x 6″W x 6″D

Circa 1900


SKU: OMOR 16A P $1,850
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  • German
  • Junghans
  • Two-toned Patinated Spelter
  • 8-Day Time Only
  • Junghans Star Logo and “Junghans Germany”
  • Restored, One Year Warranty
  • 14″H x 6″W x 6″D
  • Circa 1900