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German Painting On Fired Porcelain “Fare Thee Well” By H. Koch

Titled “Fare Thee Well,” this enchanting late 19th-century German artwork captures a young couple in a moment of parting at the lakeshore. The gentleman gazes down upon the young maiden, hand held to his chest with a look of affection. The wide serene lake and lush trees diffused into the background express picturesque depth and dimension. The painting is beautifully rendered on kiln-fired porcelain, a laborious and delicate process that produces a depth of color after firing each layer of paint. Finally, a decorative painted and carved wood frame with gold matte completes this marvelous work of art.

14″ High x 16.5″ Wide – In Frame

6″ High x 10″ Wide – Image Only

Circa 1880


SKU: ECOH 40 $750
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  • German
  • Painting On Fired Porcelain
  • Frame Signed “Fare Thee Well Porcelain Painting By Koch”
  • Painted Wood Frame With Gold Matte
  • 14″ High x 16.5″ Wide
  • Circa 1880