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German Romanesque Mantel Clock by Gustav Becker

This impressive Romanesque-style clock by Gustav Becker exhibits dramatic shape and architectural elements. Striking Romanesque style features shine in this clock boasting gilt detailing, circular patterns, bold colors, and acanthus leaf adornments. The bronze case is crafted with deep relief floral castings, and a silvered cameo medallion of two women in profile graces the bottom center of the base.

The time displays on a cast Roman numeral dial with a silvered sunburst at the center. Further, the dial rests beneath a figure of cupid and features polished stone ornamentation surrounding the bezel. Finally, the base has a hand-engraved plaque the reads “AmorĀ  Lasst Jedem Seine Stunde Scglagen,” translating to “Cupid Lets Everyone Have Their Hour of Love.”

An 8-day movement strikes a bell on the hour and half hour. This clock bears a full restoration and a one-year warranty.

14.5″ High x 6″ Wide x 4″ Deep

Circa 1880

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  • German
  • Movement by Gustav Becker
  • Cast Bronze Romanesque-Style Case
  • 8-Day Bell Strike Movement On Hour & 1/2 Hour
  • Fully Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • 14.5″ High x 6″ Wide x 4″ Deep
  • Circa 1880