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Grasshopper Escapement Skeleton Clock by Arthur D. Stump

A harmonious movement of gears oscillates on display in this remarkable skeleton clock, crafted by highly accomplished engineer Arthur D. Stump in the 1980s. The expertly designed clock features an elegant, streamlined design. The Arabic numeral dial is beautifully proportional to the mechanics around it, further accentuating the piece’s complexity. The clock resides in a custom glass and wood case. This timepiece features a marvel of horological achievement and historical importance, the grasshopper escapement, one of the few examples of its kind.

The grasshopper escapement was created in the 1720s by the renowned 18th-century carpenter and horologist John Harrison, who revolutionized the world by making it possible to calculate longitude and navigate at sea with his invention of the marine chronometer. Harrison’s grasshopper escapement implements a push motion rather than a sliding motion seen in typical clock escapements. The result is a design that eliminates friction, therefore, creating ultra-precise timekeeping.

Escapements such as these are incredibly difficult to construct and a rarity in modern clockwork mechanisms. A highly respected engineer, machinist, and designer of racing bicycles, Arthur Stump’s work beautifully blended art and mechanics. Stump reproduced the rare grasshopper escapement in 1989 with a hand-crafted clock of his own design. Thus, bringing the historical clockwork movement to life in the 20th century.

A fully restored 8-day fusee movement powers this timepiece. The clock comes with a one-year warranty.

Circa 1989


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  • American

  • By Arthur D. Stump
  • Grasshopper Escapement Skeleton Clock
  • 8-day Fusee Timepiece Movement
  • Fully Restored
  • One Year Warranty
  • Circa 1989