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Japanese Cast Bronze Sculpted Wave Ikebana

The art of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, or Ikebana, dates back to the 7th century. Originally, artfully crafted floral offerings decorated altars. Ikebana has grown over the centuries and now includes over 1000 different schools in Japan and abroad.

This solid cast brass Ikebana has a round bowl on top to hold the flowers. It also has a smaller circular inner centerpiece to hold contrasting materials. Most notably, the sculpted base serves as the main focal point of the Ikebana. Wavelike designs feature numerous delicate castings which imitate the spray of the waves. Finally, the overall base design provides a dynamic energy with a sense of movement.

The Ikebana certainly offers a unique alternative to a typical flower vase.

8″ High x 12″ Diameter

Circa 1890


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  • Japanese

  • Ikebana Flower Vase
  • Cast Bronze
  • Wavelike Sculpted Base
  • 8″ H x 12″ Diameter
  • Circa 1890