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Japanese Framed 17th Century Painted Scroll Fragment

This charming Japanese artwork was originally part of a larger scroll painted on rice paper. It dates back to the mid 17th century but probably framed in the 1800s.

The image features two quail foraging amid plants and delicate pink and blue flowers. A patterned blue matte borders the painting. Finally, a gilt faux bamboo frame completes this ornamental work.

The painting is attributed to Japanese artist Tosa Mitsuoki ( 1617-1691 ).

17″ high x 17″ wide  framed

13″ high x 11″ wide  image

Circa Mid 17th Century

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  • Japanese

  • 17th Century Scroll Fragment
  • Painted on Rice Paper
  • Two Quail and Flowers
  • Attributed to Tosa Mitsuoki
  • (1617-1691)
  • 17″ H x 17″ W  Framed
  • 13″ H x 11″ W  Image
  • Circa Mid 17th Century