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Musical Photo Album

This beautiful photo album doubles as a wonderful music box. The album cover is wonderfully decorated with an enchanting portrait of a young woman. A delicate flower wreath frames the depiction with further embellishments of bouquets around the corners. The entire piece has achieved a lovely warm and rich patina.  An ornate scrollwork clasp holds the album closed and acts at the music box trigger. Opening the cover reveals pages crafted for photo display and activates the delightful cylinder music box within.

4″ High x 9-1/4″ Wide x 12″ Deep

Circa 1900


SKU: ECOH 14 $1,050
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  • Swiss
  • Musical Photo Album
  • Book Form With Portrait Of A Woman
  • Fitted Sleeve Pages For Photos
  • Cylinder Music Box Triggered On Opening
  • 4″ High x 9-1/4″ Wide x 12″ Deep
  • Circa 1900