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Natural Burled Walnut Root Form Table Base

Nature and human artistry combined to produce this wonderful free-form table. Originally sculpted by nature, the root structure of a walnut tree underwent a few strategic alterations, to form a table base. Adding to its appeal is the burl aspect of the wood. Burls are deformities that result from various biological stresses during the growth of the tree. Ironically burled wood is highly sought after for its beauty and is rather scarce. The artistic root form base is fitted with a thick oval glass top, which allows its beautiful form to be appreciated from all angles.

18″H x 60″W x 36″D

Circa 1970


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  • American
  • Root Form Table
  • Natural Burled Walnut
  • Fitted with Oval Glass Top
  • 18″H x 60″W x 36″D
  • Circa 1970