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Pinch Decanter with Gilt Sterling Knight Stopper

An early Pinch blended scotch whiskey decanter with unique decorative fittings.  The Pinch brand name was officially established by the Haig family of master distillers in the early 1890’s.   Dating to the late 1890’s, this bottle would have been one of the earliest vessels for the deluxe blend.

A stately and well detailed knight crafted of gilt sterling silver serves as the stopper.  Additionally, the neck has a gilt sterling silver collar fitted with colored gemstones.  The bottle itself is in very good condition and has decorative etchings as well.  A good bit of time and artistry was invested for this unique Pinch decanter.

13 1/2″ Height

Circa 1895

SKU: JROS 2237 $595 Inquire
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  • Pinch Scotch Whiskey Decanter
  • Gilt Sterling Silver Stopper and Collar
  • Colored Gem Stones
  • Etchings
  • 13 1/2″ Height
  • Circa 1895