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Rare American Juvet Globe Clock

A rare and highly collectible Juvet Time Globe made by Lewis P. Juvet of New York from 1879 to 1886. This desk model has a large, robust four-day, lever escapement movement located within the 12” globe and wound by the tail feather. The glass time dial is located above the North Pole. The globe makes one revolution in 24 hours, making it possible to determine the time at any point on the earth by reading the equatorial time ring. The inclination of the Earth’s axis of rotation can be precisely set with the calibrated meridian ring. Cast bronze dolphins adorn the base of the clock, which has the original compass. The bronze base is believed to have been made by Tiffany.

34” High x 20” Wide x 16” Deep.

Circa 1879


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  • American

  • By Lewis P. Juvet of New York
  • 34” High x 20” Wide x 16” Deep
  • Circa 1879