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Rare Monumental Black Forest 30-Day Grande Sonnerie Wall Clock

This exceptional wall clock crafted in the famed Black Forest features exquisite carvings and monumental design. The case measures a tremendous 70″ in height and is hand crafted of rich walnut. Intricate carvings of birds, grape vines, leaves, and branches encircle the case in exquisite detail with a carved stag’s head rests at the crest, adding a majestic air.

The time displays on a 14-piece porcelain dial with vivid blue cartouche Roman numerals and pierced blue steel fretwork hands. Below, a porcelain RA rate indicator at the center of the bob with a Harrison gridiron-style pendulum for accuracy.

Powering the clock is an impressive 30 day Grande Sonnerie striking mechanism. A true grand complication of horology, the Grande Sonnerie audibly announces the time with accuracy every 15 minutes by striking the current quarter-hour and hour every 15 minutes. The hour and half hour, respectively, strike on their own separately tuned gongs to denote each strike’s difference.

A complex mechanism in any clock, a Grande Sonnerie is rarer still to be Austrian-made. The complexity of this striking system made it exorbitantly cost-prohibitive for most clockmakers to produce movements this elaborate. Furthermore, few could afford to commission clock movements of this caliber, making the market for Grande Sonnerie movements limited. Thus, making these clocks noteworthy finds today.

This incredible wall clock carries a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

70″ High x 24″ Wide x 7″ Deep

Circa 1870


SKU: RHOL 906 $16,500
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  • German
  • Black Forest Monumental Wall Clock
  • 3 Weight Vienna Regulator
  • Intricately Carved
  • High Grade 3 Plate Movement
  • Grand Sonnerie 1/4 Hour Strike Movement Two Gongs
  • 14 Piece 9″ Porcelain Dial
  • Harrison Gridiron Style Pendulum
  • 70″ High x 24″ Wide x 7″ Deep
  • Circa 1870