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Rare Regina Automatic Changer with Clock and Original Stained Glass Front

This incredible automatic changer music box by the Regina Music Box Company is the ultimate in early 20th-century home entertainment. With the flip of a switch, a disc will raise to the mechanism, play, and lower again, automatically changing to the next disc in sequence for as long as desired.

The standout feature of this astounding music box is the clock resting in the crown, crafted exclusively for the Regina Music Box Company by the Chelsea Clock Company of Boston. This feature was among the most expensive options offered for music boxes of this variety. In addition to displaying the time, the clock can trigger the music box to come alive, playing a song every half-hour.

Resting within a resplendent Honduran mahogany case, this music box showcases the epitome of elegance. Another of its exquisite features includes the original stained leaded glass front. Colorful scrollwork frames the perimeter, while Regina’s majestic crown rests at the glass center, signifying the box’s regal allure. The glass rests within an elegant bow-front design with fretwork adornments in the arch. Barley twist columns adorn the cabinet on either side, with the original carved crown sitting regally atop the machine.

The Regina Music Box Company of Rahway, New Jersey, held international prestige from the mid-1880s to the advent of the phonograph in the early 20th century. The company quickly gained tremendous popularity, producing some of the era’s most beautifully crafted and finest-sounding machines. Automatic changers were among Regin’s most impressive offerings. However, a limited market could afford music boxes of this caliber due to their incredibly high cost. Few automatic disc changers were ever produced, and even fewer still featured a clock and original stained glass. These examples are amongst the rarest and most elusive Regina machines to acquire today.

Regina boxes remain, to this day, the most versatile and desirable music boxes to own. Countless antique discs remain in circulation, joined by over a thousand titles available on new discs and custom disc options, giving listeners a near-limitless selection of music!

This beautiful automatic changer bears a complete restoration and carries a one-year warranty.

Serial # 3900008

69″High x 26.5″ Wide x 21″ Deep

Circa 1906

SKU: SAUC 622A P $53,500 Inquire
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  • American
  • Regina 15.5‚Ä≥¬†Automatic Changer Disc Music Box
  • Honduran Mahogany Case With Original Crest
  • Double Comb Musical Movement
  • Start, Stop, Repeat, and Play with Clock Function
  • 12 Antique Discs Included With Purchase
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • 69″High x 26.5″ Wide x 21″ Deep
  • Serial # 3900008
  • Circa 1906