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Rare Swiss Erotic Automaton Pocket Watch

This incredible 19th-century Swiss pocket watch is a work of horological art cleverly concealing a surprise. Featuring a true marvel of watchmaking, this lovely pocket watch possesses a quarter-hour repeater mechanism, which chimes the time within fifteen minutes of accuracy on two gongs with the slide of a lever.

In addition to the repeater action, the outstanding feature of this watch is the vibrant hand-painted enameled automaton dial depicting a young milkmaid and milkman. When the repeater action is triggered, the figures strike a bell in synchronization with the tuned gongs. However, the beautifully engine-turned back cover reveals a second hidden erotic animated scene. The scandalous scene features remarkable workmanship of its own with a hand-engraved background of silver and hand-enameled figures.

Erotica has held intrigue and fascination across the globe for as long as history can record. The provocative yet creative subject matter continues to be among the most alluring and highly collectible genres on the market. These tantalizing and often secretive depictions appear across all art mediums, but finding an example combining not only watchmaking, but the mechanical complexity of a quarter repeater and the rarity of automation is a true feat.

This outstanding watch bears a complete restoration and a one-year warranty.

55mm Diameter

Circa 1885


SKU: LIKA 1 $26,500
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  • Swiss
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 1/4 Hour Repeating Mechanism Striking On Two Gongs
  • Dual Animation On Dial & Behind Back Cover
  • 55mm In Diameter, 19mm Thick
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1885