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“Smashing The Vice Trust” Movie Lithograph

A colorful lithograph created for the 1937 movie, “Smashing the Vice Trust”.  The movie was an exposé film that dealt with industrialization in the United States; a time of white slavery and allied criminal activity — or “Vice Trusts”.  Genre:  crime and drama.

Artwork of typical American scenes and urban realism was under development in the 1930’s.  One gets a feeling for that style of art in this elaborately illustrated lithograph.  It is in excellent condition and consists of three parts mounted on fabric.  In truth, this piece of art has a better rating than its “B Movie” subject…

76″ Height x 24″ Width

Circa 1937

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  • Lithograph, Movie Poster
  • “Smashing The Vice Trust”
  • In 3 parts, mounted on fabric
  • 76″H x 42″W
  • Circa 1937