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Swiss 18th Century 18K Tri-Color Gold Quarter Hour Repeater Hunters Case Pocket Watch

A true mechanical marvel of the late 18th century, this Swiss made quarter hour repeater pocket watch can tell you the time without looking at the watch dial.

Depress the plunger on top and a small inner steel bell strikes theĀ  appropriate hour. A second strike then occurs at the nearest quarter hour; once at a quarter past, twice at half past and three times at a quarter before the hour. A fusee chain movement drives the watch mechanism. A small key both winds and sets the time. The original watch dial features Arabic numerals and is signed Pre (Pierre) Rigaud a Geneve. The signature is also engraved on the movement.

The watch fits inside an attached two body hunter’s case comprised of tri-color, 18K gold. A scene featuring a dog, birds and trees appears on the back of the case. In addition, other engraved floral and foliate designs surround the scene. A seed pearl bezel encircles the front of the watch case.

This exquisite pocket watch comes with a one year warranty.

Circa 1780


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  • Swiss

  • Quarter Hour Repeater Pocket Watch
  • Two Body Hunter’s Case
  • Tri-Color Gold
  • Fusee Chain Movement
  • Key Wind and Set
  • Watch Maker Pierre Rigaud
  • One Year Warranty
  • C. 1780