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Swiss Bulova Caliber 214 Accutron in 18K Yellow Gold

This Swiss made Bulova Accutron represents a significant milestone in time keeping history.  Instead of using wheels and springs, a tiny electronically-driven tuning fork keeps the time.  The tuning fork vibrates 360 times per second and is powered by a battery.  Amazing.  As a result it produces a slight humming rather than ticking.  Railroads adopted Accutron as the most accurate means of keeping time in the early 1960’s, and NASA used it in many of its timing mechanisms.  Accutron technology was first developed in wrist watches for the Caliber 214 model with guaranteed accuracy to within 1 minute a month.

Crafted of 18k yellow gold, this 17 jewel Caliber 214 “Bowtie” style model is in excellent condition.  The cross-hair patterned dial has gold applied square and rectangular markers, as well as sword and dagger hands.  And, of course, it sports the infamous tuning fork logo.  A very distinguished wrist watch, and highly collectible as a timepiece.

One must admire a company so obsessed with accuracy of time that it built an observatory on a skyscraper roof to calculate universal time precisely.

Circa 1965

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  • Swiss
  • Bulova Watch Corporation
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Accutron
  • 17 Jewel
  • Caliber 214, Bowtie
  • Case #1-822335
  • Case Weight 26.4 grams
  • Restored
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Circa 1965 (marked M5 on case back)