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Swiss Monumental 6 Cylinder Interchangeable Music Box

This rare interchangeable cylinder music box dates to the late 1800s and is a work of mechanical and musical artistry. The music box survives with six interchangeable cylinders, each measuring a staggering 19.5″ in length by 3.5″ in diameter. Each cylinder plays a total of six tunes culminating in a selection of 36 tunes total, all composed with a melodious harmonique piccolo¬†arrangement.

The inside lid survives the original tune card. Period artwork and beautiful script adorn the exquisite card, laying out every tune across each cylinder. The mechanism features an oversized spring barrel for longer play time, tempo adjustment, safety check, and zither attachment. The instrument resides in a rich burl walnut case adorned with ebonized trim and marquetry ornamentation throughout, with iridescent mother-of-pearl accents inlaid on the front and lid. Finally, the music box rests atop its original matching burl walnut table with a drawer designed to house each cylinder safely.

Music boxes were not only at the forefront of technological advancement in their day but among the most distinguished luxuries to own. Due to the extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive endeavor of producing cylinders, only a rare number feature interchangeability. These marvels of musical and mechanical achievement are amongst the rarest and most desirable music boxes surviving today.

This incredible music machine carries a full restoration and a one-year warranty.

Case: 13″ High x 48″ Wide x 20.5″ Deep

Table: 29.5″ High x 57″ Wide x 29″ Deep

Circa 1885

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  • Swiss
  • Interchangeable Music Box
  • Burl Walnut Case & Cabinet With Marquetry Inlays
  • 6 Cylinders Playing 6 Tunes Each
  • Cylinders 19.5″ Long x 3.5″ Diameter
  • Oversized Spring Barrel
  • Tempo Adjustment
  • Safety Check
  • Zither Attachment
  • Case: 13″ High x 48″ Wide x 20.5″ Deep
  • Table: 29.5″ High x 57″ Wide x 29″ Deep
  • Restored, One-Year Warranty
  • Circa 1885