Swiss Monumental Cylinder Music Box by Mermod Freres

This rare monumental cylinder music box was built by the renowned Mermod Freres of Geneva in the late 19th century. A total of five interchangeable cylinders measuring a staggering magnitude of 24-1/2” long by 3-1/4” in diameter are included with this piece. The cylinders play six tunes each, playing a grand total of 30 tunes all with sublime harmony piccolo arrangements. The instrument resides in a hand carved mahogany case, complete with matching table and original tune cards for each cylinder. This was the largest and most expensive music box that Mermod offered, only made on special order due to the prohibitive cost of producing it. Selling price in the 1890s was $1,000, roughly the cost of two homes in Switzerland during this time period. This extraordinary example of is one of only 10 known to exist.

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